Stitching Wire

Areas of application for stitching wire are diverse. In the book binding industry it is used in saddle stitchers or for bookletmaking. Printing plants use it for inline stitching in their high-speed web press operations. Furthermore, stitching wire is used as box- and carton stitching wire.

Dorstener_Stitching wires_Classicbind

We offer stitching wire with various reel diameters and various reel sizes. Available are surfaces: bright, galvanized, tinned or copper coated.
The wire has a certified Ferag Quality and meets the highest requirements: uniform thickness over its length, high stiffness and it is evenly wound on the spool to provide continuous operation while production.

CLASSICBIND™ ensures optimal performance of stitching head. Blade-protective and frictionless processing avoids premature wear out and reduces energy- and maintenance costs.

POWERBIND™ is high performance stitching wire with superior properties that offers substantial quality and cost advantages: accurate staple forming, solution to difficulties of stitching thicker product, minimize\sing stacking height.


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