Sleeve seaming machine

Industries:Graphical Industry

(RC) Automatic shrink sleeve forming machine

Top-of-the-range sealer, with a high-quality finish and very little loss of material thanks to a revolutionary adhesive application system designed for chemical welding: a minimal adhesive surface (2 mm), right at the end, prevents snags and removes the tab.

Vela_Sleeve seaming machine_RC

The continuous contact applicator prevents blocking and gaps. It can run from 0 to 400 meters/minute, stopping and accelerating, and always maintaining the exact amount of solvent and therefore maintaining the seal quality (which mitigates the blocking effect).

It makes a very short vertical fold that maintains the width of the sleeve (from 20 mm to 300 mm), without vibration.
The output is the re-wound product, which requires no further inspection.

It produces single and double decorative sleeves for promotional packs.

Sealing at low speed minimizes the loss of material. This is ideal for short runs.

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Founded in 1973 by Ramón Vela, Construcciones Mecánicas VELA originated from the idea of fabricating special plastic welding machines on request, which would stand out from other solutions on the market.

Throughout its history, Vela has specialized in three main lines: Sleeves, Bubble wrap & Foam, in addition to its Universal line.

With a new generation of innovators now at the helm, the company is focusing on the constant evolution of products, both in terms of technology and design, using the latest technologies available on the market.