Alternative cutter machine

Industries:Graphical Industry

(CI) Alternative cutter

The VELA CI CUTTER uses a highly efficient cutting method. It stands out for its quality of finish and speedy production rate. In summary, it cuts very large quantities, very fast and very well.

Vela_Alternative cutter machine_CI

This cutter’s high-tech design means that defects are reduced to a minimum: breakdowns are few and far between which minimises maintenance costs.
The system minimises consumable costs which makes it highly economical.

Vela Logo

Founded in 1973 by Ramón Vela, Construcciones Mecánicas VELA originated from the idea of fabricating special plastic welding machines on request, which would stand out from other solutions on the market.

Throughout its history, Vela has specialized in three main lines: Sleeves, Bubble wrap & Foam, in addition to its Universal line.

With a new generation of innovators now at the helm, the company is focusing on the constant evolution of products, both in terms of technology and design, using the latest technologies available on the market.