Register management

Manufacturer:3T Control
Industries:Graphical Industry

Automatic Color Registration

Automatic Color Registration solution operates by real-time precision monitoring of register marks located on the printed web that provide the feedback required to manage a tight control loop that maximises waste savings. Register mark sizes vary from the world’s smallest marks to visible tiny marks. A fully scalable architecture means that the central server based solution can easily grow and be adapted to changes in a press layout.

Automatic Plate Position Registration

Automatic Plate Position Registration solutions work by first automatically monitoring the position of all plates both across and around the press, and then implementing either automatically or via operator confirmation, the “best fit” plate register for the particular print job.

Automatic Fan Out Measurement & Correction

Automatic Fan Out Measurement & Correction solutions from 3TControl work by first automatically measuring fan out across the web throughout the print run. Solutions can then be integrated to correction mechanisms on the press to provide closed-loop fan out correction across the web.

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3TControl’s success is firmly rooted in its printing origins.

A deep understanding of the low level dynamics of the printing process has resulted in a unique dot level capability which controls change at the level change occurs. A patented printers approach to automation has resulted in Integrated Print Automation (IPA), a new system that leaves behind the disparate automatic press controls focus that existing systems offer for each possible quality variation.

Automation is at the heart of print’s future and 3t integrated print automation raises the bar to define a new best practice for print automation measured both in results delivered and ROI.