Web Position management

Manufacturer:3T Control
Industries:Graphical Industry

Automatic Cut-Off / Print Position Register

Solutions from 3TControl covers all web position register requirements for newspaper printing from automatic cut-off register management to lateral web position management. Adjusting the side-lay and cut-off register on each web is an important activity that is carried out manually during makeready adjustments. Solution from 3TControl automates management of the cut-off on each web with precision, so that all webs are aligned for cut-off and mailroom processing. The system offers printers the precision required not only for cut-off but for accurately adjusting cross-page printed images, an increasing common requirement from editors. AUTOMATIC CUT-OFF/PRINT POSITION REGISTER allows lateral web position management to be automated so ensuring that all webs are correctly aligned when entering the folder so ensuring a quality product throughout the print run.

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3TControl’s success is firmly rooted in its printing origins.

A deep understanding of the low level dynamics of the printing process has resulted in a unique dot level capability which controls change at the level change occurs. A patented printers approach to automation has resulted in Integrated Print Automation (IPA), a new system that leaves behind the disparate automatic press controls focus that existing systems offer for each possible quality variation.

Automation is at the heart of print’s future and 3t integrated print automation raises the bar to define a new best practice for print automation measured both in results delivered and ROI.