Shrink Tunnels

Manufacturer:Hugo Beck
Industries:Graphical Industry, Intralogistic

For its product range of packaging machines, Hugo Beck also manufactures the according shrink tunnels for the production of shrink wrappings in all sizes and for all ranges of capacity.

Hugo Beck_Shrink tunnels

The simple to operate shrink film facilities can pack products in shrink film, that have a passage width from 500 to 1000 mm and a passage height from 200 to 550 mm.

A state-of-the-art air conveyance and heat recovery, assure efficient energy utilization. Through this, Hugo Beck contributes to environmental protection and also to the avoidance of high energy costs.

Fundamentally, the shrink film machine is optimally suited for the purposes of product presentation, multipack stability and product protection. Even large-sized and heavy containers are held together securely by the high strength of the shrink film.

The shrink tunnels can be combined with all film packaging machines. They are equipped with functions for the direct adjustment of transport speeds and elevation settings.

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Hugo Beck develops solutions for the film packaging and further further processing of printed products and consumer goods. From their production headquarters in Dettingen/Erms, near Stuttgart, they manufacture and market inserting, converting and mailing systems as well as film packaging and horizontal form fill and seal machines, shrink-film packaging systems, Banderoling machines and related peripheral equipment as necessary.